Our principles



1. Teamwork

No one person has all the answers.  To be successful we need to combine our knowledge and experiences. Working as part of team should be an enjoyable and educational part of life.

2. Continuous Innovation
Personal initiative, inquiries, and new ideas are encouraged.  We must innovate to solve our clients' challenges, and to find ways to win new businesses.

3. Quality
In a world full of consultants, we must differentiate ourselves by the quality of our work.  Every deliverable and client communication should be viewed as an opportunity to impress the client with the quality and accuracy of our work. 
Continuous quality improvement is the only way to stay in business.

4. Communications
All communications, whether informal or formal, internal or external, must be open, considered, and respectful.  We communicate often and freely, to ensure everyone is informed, and part of the solution.



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