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CS Constan Ltd. was founded in 2002. Since then, the company experiences permanent growth and has established itself as a reliable partner for both the public institutions, the private sector in Macedonia and in the wider regional context. The increased number of satisfied clients and executed projects is our most valuable recommendation.

The company's current principal activities consist of coordination and management of nationally and internationally financed projects in Macedonia and in the Western Balkan Region, offering tailor-made products and services through a unique balance of dynamics and enthusiasm combined with comprehensive domestic and international expertise in various sectors.

We invest our intellectual energy to transform deliberated policies into successful projects. The road to success is paved with constraints which is why our tailored solutions are always embedded in the evolving policy framework.

Fully result oriented and committed to accomplishment of assigned tasks, utilizing our unique strategic potentials, our major objectives are continuous service innovation, total customer satisfaction and in line with this, support to the overall development of fragile transition economies.

Our approach is based on our belief that the organizations should be completely devoted to the process of transformation of the society and to the adequate flow of information and establishing functional partnerships between the public and the private sector. Today, we are among the leading Macedonian project management and consulting companies in the development sector.

Constan's employees and partners are particularly specialized in translation and interpretation from all global languages ​​into the Balkan languages ​​and vice versa, advisory services and food safety trainings in the area of food safety as well as consulting services  in the water supply and waste water treatment sector.

With currently 4 members of staff and a wide range of partners and associates in Macedonia and the Western Balkan region, we are able to address the most complex and demanding tasks related to project development and project management in a wide range of sectors.

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